About Us

WhoAbout Us

We are a community known as Carmelina’s Home. Our rehabilitation program supports women with addiction and emotional issues.

Established in 1997, the program has grown substantially and gained considerable credibility in the community. Operated by members of the Passionist Sisters, the program includes consultations with healthcare professionals and relies on community volunteers.

Since its inception, several residents have successfully completed the two-year Carmelina’s Home program and at leastĀ five hundred residents have participated on a short-term basis.

What sets us apart from other programs is our long-term abstinence-based residential approach.

Carmelina’s Home is a registered charity and operates solely from community donations and the support of the residents.

Our Vision

Carmelina’s Home is committed to establishing a long-term residential program for women with addictions.

Our Mission

  • Provide a long-term residential rehab program for women with addiction and emotional issues
  • Establish purpose-driven awareness to attract new residents and raise funds to support our programs


When you join the Carmelina’s Home program, we:

  • Help each woman recognize her full potential
  • Provide support to obtain education or career goals
  • Provide counselling on building healthy relationships
  • Enable contacts within the community
  • Teach problem-solving skills and coping skills to accept new challenges

Carmelina’s Home offers a safe environment, healthy relationships, individual and family support, guidance and counselling to enable personal growth, and the ability to become independent, responsible and functioning members of society.

Awareness, Understanding and Compassion are the keys to our Success!

Our Philosophy

We believe that addiction and other forms of emotional issues are the result of a dysfunctional lifestyle. In an accepting, empathetic and loving environment, you can learn, understand and appreciate life as you become more independent and responsible.

Each individual can achieve and maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.