The Program

The Program

Our program consists of four six-month phases and a one-month orientation phase – in total, a 25-month live-in residential community program which is supervised 24/7. After each phase, your progress is evaluated. 

You must live in the Carmelina’s Home residence for the duration of the program and you will have limited family contact initially.

You must comply with established policies, rules and regulations.

Upon admittance, you will be assessed and provided with a customized program based on your personal circumstances.

You will be assigned specific daily life tasks, must manage your own personal hygiene and needs, and participate in daily therapeutic program activities and group therapy. Individual counselling is provided as needed, or is referred to a family physician or psychiatrist.

You can explore learning opportunities such as correspondence courses, courses at local learning centres and, depending on your overall performance and progress, employment opportunities during the last phase of the program.

Overall progress is evaluated and assessed monthly. At the end of each phase, a decision is made about progression to the next phase.

You must make a monthly financial contribution to the program and a variety of options are available. Financial support will never stand in the way of your access to the program.