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How Our Program Helps

The Program

Our program consists of four six-month phases and a one-month orientation phase – in total, a 25-month live-in residential community program which is supervised 24/7. After each phase, your progress is evaluated.

You must live in the Carmelina’s Home residence for the duration of the program and you will have limited family contact initially.

You must comply with established policies, rules and regulations.

Upon admittance, you will be assessed and provided with a customized program based on your personal circumstances.

You will be assigned specific daily life tasks, must manage your own personal hygiene and needs, and participate in daily therapeutic program activities and group therapy. Individual counselling is provided as needed, or is referred to a family physician or psychiatrist.

You can explore learning opportunities such as correspondence courses, courses at local learning centres and, depending on your overall performance and progress, employment opportunities during the last phase of the program.

Overall progress is evaluated and assessed monthly. At the end of each phase, a decision is made about progression to the next phase.

You must make a monthly financial contribution to the program and a variety of options are available. Financial support will never stand in the way of your access to the program.

Why Trust Us?


The following unedited submissions were written by two residents who were nearing the completion of their stay with the Carmelina’s Home – formerly Mater Dei – program.

The Gift of Life
“Upon entering the program, I wanted to leave. In all honesty, I did not want to face my past behaviours and their consequences, nor did I want to contemplate my future because I was afraid of facing reality. Through the unflagging efforts of the Sisters and staff, I slowly began to change.
Though my stay in the program has been nothing short of turbulent, I believe I have been given the gift of life; that is, the chance to start over. In essence, my being in the program saved my life, and for this I am eternally grateful.”

– Robin*


The Chance to Start Over
“My journey to recovery began nine months ago when I said, ‘I have no control of my life. I will join the program.
When events that traumatized me as a child surfaced, I was constantly escaping my reality. Having no head on my shoulders, I became involved in a gang and began experimenting with drugs. Consequently, I lost the trust of my parents and close friends. I was no longer living at home or going to school.
When I arrived, I was in a state of depression. For me, there was no way to untangle my shame, guilt and ruined relationship with my family.
Thanks to the program and the support from my loving parents, the Sisters, counselors and the residents, I am no longer hiding and escaping. I am free to be myself. Being only 16 years old, I feel that I was gifted with this chance so early in life. I can finally and gladly say, ‘I have control of my past, present and future.”

– Rebecca*


* Names have been changed to protect the identity of residents who completed the two-year Program and are now living a new life.


How Do I Get In?

What is the admission process?

Your journey with Carmelina’s Home begins with a few easy steps:

  1. Contact Carmelina’s Home at 416 242 4207.
  2. Schedule a personal interview.
  3. Upon acceptance and prior to admission, you must:
    • Provide a one month’s advance payment of the program fee.
    • Be detoxified.
    • Complete a full medical examination.
    • Provide a psychiatric history and referral as required in cases of dual diagnosis or concurrent disorders.

Our Success Speaks for Itself.

The first step is hard, the middle is the hardest, but the accomplishment at the end is immeasurable.


How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Benefit from:

  • Prominent recognition in all media releases
  • Recognition on our website as a sponsor of Carmelina’s Home with a link, if desired, to your home page
  • Prominent mention in our In Touch newsletter

Please contact us to become a corporate sponsor.

Give a Donation or Gift

Carmelina’s Home is grateful for any type of donation or gift. Your donation or gift could include any of the following:

  • Silent auction items
  • Food for the home
  • Furniture for the home
  • Repairs and services for the maintenance of the home
  • Toiletries, health and beauty products
  • Support services for the home
  • Office equipment for program operation
  • Financial donations
  • Food, financial and other donations for the annual Walk-a-thon
  • Printing services for newsletters, brochures, business cards and stationary
  • Video and marketing services

Fundraising Ideas

The following is a list of how you can raise funds on behalf of Carmelina’s Home:

  • Bake sale
  • Birthday gift alternative, request donation to Carmelina’s Home
  • Donations in lieu of gift exchange at Christmas
  • Dress casual day (school/work)
  • 50/50 ticket sale
  • Garage/rummage sale
  • In Memoriam gifts
  • Meat draw
  • Raffle ticket sales
  • School ‘Toonie Day’
  • Street party/BBQ
  • Team community service donation

If you have any other ideas, please contact us at We appreciate all types of support.

Please make all cheques payable to Carmelina’s Home and mail to:

P.O. Box 12557
415 The Westway
Etobicoke, ON M5R 4C7

We appreciate your support. Wherever applicable, you will receive an income tax receipt for your charitable donation in the maximum amounts allowed and in the manner prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Charitable tax receipts will be issued on request for donations over $20.