School Outreach

School Outreach Program

We are available to participate in school related presentations related to addictions and counseling.

Family Support Group Program

A¬†weekly evening will provide support to and educate residents’ and Day Program clients’ families. With a focus on providing emotional support, there will be education on related problems and issues, appropriate approach methods and psycho-education of current mental health issues, addictions and treatment modalities.

  • Raise community awareness. Our experience in the community has heightened awareness of the great need for our services and highlighted the need to further expand the residential facility. We would like to accommodate more programming choices in the future within the existing structure. Please consider our need! Every day, we see the obvious need for more services for women with addiction and emotional problems. Unfortunately, their choices are limited:
  • Women’s tendency to shy away from these services due to impoverished facilities.
  • Lack of recognition for and degradation of women’s problems.
  • The public’s attitude towards women (who feel shame about their misfortune and do not feel worthy of being looked after)

Women with addiction issues are usually criticized, and often neglected and abandoned. Wives and mothers who want to help themselves may not be able to fully relinquish their family responsibilities, but may do so when children are at school or their spouses are at work.